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Can Western Boots Be More Comfortable for All-Day Wear?

Yes! It's easy. Have an expert cobbler convert them into ropers!

Traditional western-style (or cowboy) boots are made with high, slanted heels. These heels are designed to serve a very important function, namely, to hook into saddle stirrups and keep a rider safe and stable while working the land.

Over the past several decades, however, western boots have become a beloved staple out of the saddle, too, and can now be found everywhere from the bar to the boardroom. Unfortunately, these classic slanted, high heeled western boots aren’t always comfortable for the all-day wear now demanded of today’s boot wearers.

The good news is ... there's a fix. If you want your favorite western boots to be more comfortable for all day wear, Plano Shoe Repair cobblers can convert them into ropers!

Our cobblers will carefully convert the leather heel base of your western boots into roper-style heels, providing a lower, more stable “walking heel”. The heel is a block walking heel, and no longer has any slant of angle, which makes your classic western boots feel just about as comfortable as a pair of sneakers.

Plano Shoe Repair can take any classic western boot and turn it into a roper for you. Visit our cobblers today to discuss the conversion of your favorite western boots!

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