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Can You Restore Water Damaged Shoes, Boots, and Handbags?

Water damage – even severe water damage – does not mean the end of your beloved favorites! If your shoes, boots, and bags have water damage from flooding or wet weather, the water damage restoration experts at Plano Shoe Repair can rescue them.

When approaching water damaged items, our cobblers will thoughtfully evaluate the condition of each item on a case-by-case basis and create a custom rescue plan.

For any wet or partially water saturated shoes, boots, or handbags, we will a complete inside-and-out cleaning and drying.

Any item that is completely soaked through will be dried out, demolded, and then gently reconditioned back to life with lanolin-based products. We’ll touch-up or completely reapply lost color to shoes, boots, and handbags when necessary, and apply a factory topcoat to shoes as needed or requested.

Many items that have been exposed to water for longer periods will first need to be very carefully dried and demolded. Next, after our cobblers deep clean each item by hand, we will move on to recondition and refinish each shoe, boot, or handbag.

Any soaked leather shoe and boot soles and leather sock liners will need to be replaced with brand new ones to prevent any water-exposed leather from turning hard and brittle.

Your insurance may cover the cost of water damage restoration and repairs, and we are happy to help you navigate the insurance claim. If for any reason insurance will not cover the cost of your water damaged shoes, boots, and handbags, it is still much less expensive – and kinder to the environment – to rescue what you already have than to replace everything. Plus, many items and styles you love that are likely not even being made any longer and are literally irreplaceable.

So, if you’ve experienced water damage, gather up all your items and send them to our expert cobblers so we can get them fixed up and back to you to keep on enjoying for years to come!

Need water damage restoration services for your shoes, boots, and handbags? Drop by Plano Shoe Repair and we'll happy to help!

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