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Professional Heel Repair

Leather, Rubber and Combination Heel Replacement

Heel Cap Repair

One of the most common repairs on men’s dress shoes is heel replacement. The heel is an integral part of the whole shoe and should always be protected from wear.


After carefully evaluating your shoe, we’ll replace and install new, protective rubber heel caps in order to preserve the heel base shape and integrity. These rubber caps also provide extra comfort, durability, and traction—similar to a brake pad that protects the rotors and calipers on a car.


If you have heavy wear on the heel, you’ll most likely have significant wear on the sole as well.


Read on to learn more about how we’ll diagnose and repair your soles.


Sole & Heel Color Customization

If your sole is worn down (or even if it isn't!), we can completely replace it with nearly any color or tread you want. 

If you’d like us to take a look at your dress shoes to see if we can replace your tread, please send us photos here, live chat, or even Zoom with our cobblers to discuss your re-treading options.

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